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About Somni

Over the past years the Somni team has developed various Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensors tailored to the specific applications of our customer, among others: pressure sensors, temperature sensors, accelerometers, tilt sensors and hydrophones.

Somni takes great care of the reliability and robustness of their fiber optic sensors. Customers often use these sensors in a harsh (high pressure and temperature) environments which are often difficult to reach. The reliability of the sensor at such remote locations operating under harsh conditions asks for an outstanding quality and reliability. Therefore, Somni Sensors are extensively tested both in the lab and in the field under the most harsh conditions to ensure the quality our customers expect from a Somni Sensor.

Easy access to high-end equipment to test and verify novel sensor design is key to a successful sensor system development. The Somni facility is well equipped with a vast number of test and measurement setups to accommodate a number of applications. Furthermore, Somni is actively helping customers with tailored sensing solutions in which fiber optics is often the only technical or commercially viable solution. Our experience is that the best solutions are found in strong collaboration between the customer and the Somni development team. Learning from each other, and most importantly understanding each other, is key to finding the best sensing solution.

In need for a sensing solution? Contact us, we are here to help and are happy to discuss your specific application.

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