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At Somni we design, develop and manufacture tailored sensing solutions in close collaboration with our customers. With expertise in a wide range of fields & applications and we are always eager to discuss the potential of fiber optic sensing for your application.
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Wind turbine monitoring

  • Ice detection on blades
  • Measuring eigenfrequency and modal shapes

Somni develops highly sensitive fiber optic accelerometers which are immune for lightning strikes, robust, reliable and easy to install. These sensors are tailored for applications in wind turbines.

Biocompatible miniature fiber optic sensors

  • small form factor Pressure and Temperature sensor arrays
  • Biocompatible and safe to use in an MRI

Somni develops fiber optic sensors for the medical industry. Such sensors need to be small, biocompatible, accurate and safe to use.

Embedding sensors in composite materials

  • Embedding of fiber optic sensors (FBG’s) in composites without signal distortion
  • Lightweight and fully passive

Somni, in close collaboration with TNO, develops fiber optic sensors which can be embedded in composite materials such as airplane wings and helicopter blades.

Injection molded fiber optic sensors

  • Low cost volume production of fiber optic sensors
  • Lightweight sensor
  • Somni, in close collaboration with Promolding, develops a production process in which high-end fiber optic sensor are produced by injection molding. The result will be a production process for large volume, low cost fiber optic sensors.

Fiber optic hydrophone arrays

  • Small form factor, highly sensitive fiber optic hydrophones in a towed array
  • Hydrostatic pressure compensation mechanism
  • Somni develops highly sensitive fiber optic hydrophone arrays for underwater sound detection and localization.

Pantograph monitoring

  • Robust, reliable, fiber optic accelerometer
  • EMI insensitive, able to withstand high g-forces
  • Somni develops a fiber optic sensor system to measure pantograph shocks. The sensor needs to withstand shocks well over 100G.

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