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Fiber optic flame detectors

Development in collaboration with B-Sens, Mons, Belgium

Protected under patent EP2547993 - INFRARED OPTICAL FIBRE SENSOR
Licensed to Somni

Flame detectors are primarily intended to protect areas where anticipated fires will develop quickly, with little or no incipient or smoldering stages, or where ignition is almost instantaneous (i.e., flammable liquids and combustible gas fires, explosions, and flash fires).

The Somni Fiber Optic flame detector is purely passive fiber optic sensor. There are no electronic components or any power consumption inside the sensor, which makes this unique sensor intrinsically ATEX proof. The fiber optic flame detector optically senses radiation given off by flames.

  • No fire hazard: there is no electronics inside the fiber optic sensor,i.e. it is a fully passive intrinsically ATEX proof sensor.
  • Cover the distance: fiber optics can span distances of several kilometers without signal degradation. Installing several dozen sensors is easy.
  • Robust and reliable: simplicity in sensor design combined with proven fiber optic technology from the telecommunication industry
  • Flexibility: additional sensors (temperature, pressure, vibration, etc.) can easily be added to the fiber network.
  • Development status: Research has been carried out on the topic of infrared radiation detection using Fiber Bragg Gratings and sensors based on the technology research are manufactured and tested.

The sensor technology is demonstrated under laboratory conditions compliant to TRL 6 and the following (preliminary) specifications have been reached.
Next step: Next step in the development is to install and demonstrate the technology in a real world environment. Somni together with B-Sens is looking for an innovative launching customer eager to field this novel technology!

Raised your interest and want to know more? Get in touch through our contact page and refer to our fiber optic flame detector development.

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