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Somni Tilt sensor TI 1-ax 500 T

Tilt sensor TI 1-ax 500 T

The TI 1-ax 500 T tilt sensor of Somni Solutions is used for high accuracy tilt measurement. This sensor is particularly suitable for monitoring of structures with slow or minimal movements. The high wavelength shift per degrees or radian supports high accuracy measurements of tilt or angle.

With an angle sensitivity of 500 pm per degree and a measuring range of 10 degrees, the TI 1-ax 500 T tilt sensor is unique in its kind. The intrinsic temperature compensation mechanism allows to resolve very small angle changes of 0.002 degrees. All sensors are packaged in a rugged stainless steel housing offering maximum protection against harsh environments.

  • >500pm/deg sensitivity
  • +/-5 deg range
  • excellent long term stability
  • temperature compensated
  • drift compensation
  • 1, 2 and 3 axis

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